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About Us

Antiquities Warehouse is the brain child of Louise McDermott, whose years in the fashion & design industry have led to the creation of an amazing 35,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix, AZ specializing in the procurement of re-purposed, one of a kind architectural objects and curiosities from around the world.

Here, one will find everything from an original Ford Motor Company crash test dummy to industrial tables with unique iron bases and beautifully aged wood tops that only decades of use will properly produce.

Occasionally we come across entire collections like 1,200 Limestone Lithograph Stones from France, circa 1882. Beautifully hand painted images on 4” thick limestone ranging in size from 8” x 6” to 24” x 18”. Truly one of a kind that would make a stunning Library or Wine room accent wall, or simply a beautiful accent piece.

Our overall style is industrial with an emphasis on doors, chairs, tables and lighting. Our inventory comes from all over the world including the Midwest and East Coast of the United States, France, Belgium and Germany.

At Antiquities Warehouse we’re happy to help in any manner possible, or simply let you browse and satisfy your curiosity.

We look forward to helping you find just the right distinctive piece or collection for your project.

Please check out our new Showroom and Warehouse in the Traverse City warehouse district.