About Us

Antiquities Warehouse is the brain child of Louise McDermott, whose years in the fashion & design industry led to the creation of an amazing 35,000-square-foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the procurement of re-purposed, one of a kind architectural objects and curiosities from around the world. 

A few years after the the Warehouse was established in Phoenix, being a Traverse City native, McDermott opened the Traverse City location, now known as Antiquities Warehouse of Grand Traverse.

Here, one will find everything from an original Ford Motor Company crash test dummy to industrial tables with unique iron bases and beautifully aged wood tops that only decades of use will properly produce.

Occasionally we come across entire collections like 1,200 Limestone Lithograph Stones from France, circa 1882. Beautifully hand painted images on 4” thick limestone ranging in size from 8” x 6” to 24” x 18”. Truly one of a kind that would make a stunning Library or Wine room accent wall, or simply a beautiful accent piece.

Antiquities Warehouse specializes in curating architectural design pieces, repurposed goods, and unique finds of all sizes sourced from around the world. We have a large collection of doors, tables, seating, lighting, and more, for a blend of antique, industrial, refurbished, and restored items. Our inventory comes from all over the world including the Midwest and East Coast of the United States, France, Belgium and Germany.

At Antiquities Warehouse we’re happy to help in any manner possible, or simply let you browse and satisfy your curiosity.

We look forward to helping you find just the right distinctive piece or collection for your project.

Please check out our Traverse City showroom located Downtown on West Front Street.

12’ Vintage Store Counter / Bar

Green and Cream Vintage Store Counter

Dimensions 12’ Long x 38” High x 29” Wide

SKU 4590

Price: $2950.00 + tax

Zinc and Wood Stool

Dimensions are 29" High x 24" Wide 

SKU 9783

Price: $395.00 + tax, each

Wood Bar Stool With Black & White Hide/Leather

Dimensions are 45" High x 21" Deep x 18" Wide (Seat is 31" High)

SKU 16089

Price: $600.00 + tax, each

French Style Grain Sack Arm Chair

SKU 2832 (without circle)

Price: $1350.00 + tax, each

French Style Grain Sack Arm Chair

SKU 2831 (with circle)

Price: $1350.00 + tax, each

1930's KEM Weber Chair Reupholstered with Grain Sack

SKU 1077

Price: $1500.00 + tax

White Boat

Dimensions are 127" Long x 63" Wide x 16" Deep

SKU 4776

Price: $2500.00 + tax

"No. 1 Menthe Verte" Cognac Barrel

Dimensions are approx. 27.5" High x 21" High x 26" Deep

SKU 14490

Price: $2600.00 + tax

Frankenmuth Beer Ale Sign

Dimensions are 57" Wide x 33" High

SKU 11814

Price: $1200 + tax

Leather Pommel Horse

Dimensions are approx. 18” High x 24” Wide x 14” Deep

SKU 4775

Price: $850.00 + tax

Champagne Basket from France

Dimensions are approximately 29" Wide x 22" High x 23" Wide (each varies)

Size and color vary slightly

SKU 4131

Price: $295.00 + tax

Wine / Champagne Riddling Rack, A-Frame

Dimensions are 28" Wide x 59" High

SKU 11582

Price: $695.00 + tax

Vintage Wine/Champagne Riddling Rack from France, A-Frame

Dimensions are 60” Hight x 36” Wide, Depth Variable

SKU 4900

Price: $875.00 + tax

Pair of Wood French Shutter Doors

Dimensions are 98.25"  High x 44.5" Wide x 1.75" Deep (3" including hardware and trim)

SKU 16035

Price: $1200.00 + tax

Pair of Wood Doors w/ 5 Glass Lites

Dimensions are 44" Wide x 94" High x 1.75" Thick (5" including hardware)

SKU 15729

Price: $2000.00 + tax

Single Arched Wood and Mirrored Door

Overall Dimensions are 37" Wide x 100" High x 1.75" Thick

Dimensions with lip and "feet" cut off are 36.25" x 97" High 

SKU 15313A

Price: $2100.00 + tax

Barn Door with Horse Painting

Dimensions are approximately 35”W x 85”H

SKU 715

Price: $1800.00 + tax

Industrial Factory Conveyor Belt Rollers

Dimensions are 120" High x 20" Wide x 2.5" Deep

SKU 9299

Price: $450.00 + tax, each

Watermill Wall Hanging

Dimensions are approximately 8" Wide x 7" Deep x 36" High

SKU 4752

Price: $150.00 + tax, each

XL Cart Coffee Table

Dimensions are 96" Long x 48" Wide x 16" High

SKU 4751

Price: $1800.00 + tax

Folding Coffee Table with Wood Top & Metal Base

Wood top color varies from blonde wood to deeper dark wood color

Dimensions are 42"Long x 16"High x 21"Deep

SKU 4096

Price: $400.00 + tax

Raisin Box Bench / Ottoman

Dimensions are 38" Wide x 27" Deep x 20" High

SKU 4778

Price: $575.00 + tax

"G. Minard" Grain Sack Seat with Collapsable Base

SKU 4876

Price: $495.00 + tax

Grain Sack Seat with Collapsable Base

SKU 4875

Price: $495.00 + tax

Iron Playground Horse on Stand

Dimensions are 36" Wide x 38" High x 21" Wide 

SKU 8386

Price: $500.00 + tax

Rooster “Weathervane”

Made from repurposed material; handmade, hand-finished

Dimensions are 23" Wide x 3" Deep x 28" High

SKU 4610

Price: $175.00 + tax

Large Bottle with Jute

Dimensions are 16” High x 8” Deep

SKU 4962

Price: $75.00 + tax

Wooden Stair Display

Dimensions are 28" Wide x 21" High x 36" Deep

SKU 4785

Price: $350.00 + tax

Dough Bowl

Dimensions are 44" Long x 16" Wide x 5" High

SKU 4777

Price: $300.00 + tax

Presque Isle Trunk

Dimensions are 38" Long x 25" High x 26" Wide

SKU 4855

Price: $525.00 + tax

Belgian Wash Tub

SKU 12555

Price: $350.00 + tax, each

Metal Bin with Handles

SKU 4750

Dimensions are 21" Long x 10.5" Wide x 8" High

Price: $50.00 + tax, each

Breadboard, Skinny Breadboard, Pizza Paddle, Wooden Fork

Skinny Breadboard
Pizza Paddle
Wooden Fork

Priced Individually: $125.00 + tax, each